About Refer-Online

Posted by Peter Lambert on 13/01/2005 - 5:16pm

Director's Perspective

John Welburn - What's in it for you!

Refer-Online provides you with the opportunity of connecting with prospects, clients and social contacts giving you the chance to promote your business sell your products or simply develop your circle of friends.

Refer-Online is both simple to use and flexible allowing you adjust the settings so that people only contact you in the way that you are most comfortable, you can allow other members to only make contact through referral from your network or allow contact direct.

You will be able to become a member of community groups or private groups both will have their place in your networking agenda. community group are open to everyone private groups are by invitation only possibly allowing for more in-depth or focused discussion.

I hope this gives you a taste of what awaits you, I look forward to meeting you online, please make contact if you think I help at john.welburn@refer-on.com

John Welburn
Director Refer-On Limited